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The VA just announced the new 2023 changes to the VA funding fee, and boy, what a flop if you ask me! Here is the link to the new 2023 VA funding fee chart in the VA circular 26-23-06 https://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/documents/circulars/26-23-06-exhibitb.pdf 

The fee for first-time users without a service-connected disability has decreased by .15%, and for subsequent use, the fee has decreased by .3%. WOW! Is that all we have for our Veterans? My average loan amount for a VA loan is currently $400,000, so this will save you a whopping $600 over the next 30 years lol. What a joke. Who is with me? Can we not help our Veterans with affordable housing better than that? What about all the other government programs spending billions, and we still charge Veterans a funding fee to use the VA loan? Can someone please explain that one to me? Come on, VA loan demi-gods, can we do better for our Veterans?

What about giving more of a break to those who have served and sacrificed so much for us? We all know that purchasing a home is one of the most significant steps someone can make, and it should be easier for Veterans to get into the market. How about lower interest rates for those who have served? That would help the affordable housing problem, wouldn’t it? How about the government buy Gennie Mae mortgage-backed securities for VA loans and keep the rates low for VA loans? There’s a thought that wouldn’t hurt taxpayers and would help Veterans. No, I am not running for office anytime soon, but this is common sense here!