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Sparkman Lending Reviews

Chris and I have known Marshall many years and he is the best there is. He will guide you straight and true!

Kathryn Humphrey

Marshall walked us through the loan process with complete professionalism. He was dedicated to being certain that the process went smoothly and expeditiously and that we were informed at every step of the process. I can recommend Marshall for all of your mortgage lending needs.

Jim Burton

Highly recommend using Marshall for all of your loan needs! Everything was thoroughly explained in such a timely manner. I cannot say enough good things about Marshall.

Carlie Smith

Marshall was incredibly helpful throughout my loan experience. His team was very fast and professional. They use an online tool that made the whole experience of gathering the correct documents super easy. I would absolutely recommend using him and his team.

Brandi Orth

Marshall and the rest of his team did an outstanding job for us! We were originally supposed to close on the 26th, but they got it done 9 days early. They didn’t cut any corners to get it done either. I’ve never seen such attention to detail. Marshall got us a great low rate to boot! I highly recommend talking to Marshall before choosing another lender!

Vickie Douglass

Marshall is a great guy to work with. He really helped me and my family to move. I highly suggest him to all of you, and I have already suggested him to all of my friends. Great guy, amazing support.

Lirim Ajroni

Ajroni Web Agency

Marshall was an awesome mortgage officer to work with! My clients needed a certain deal on a mortgage, and he got it for them. They also needed him to come through in a pinch for them last minute and he saved the day right at the end! I have no problem recommending Marshall for your mortgage needs!

Art Kelly

I have used Marshall to work with my clients on their home loans, and they have never been disappointed. He has closed the loans on time, locked down great rates, and contributed significantly to removing the stress out of the home loan process. His knowledge of VA loans is second to none and, as a veteran, it is nice to have someone who has the heart for other veterans. I would always recommend Marshall Sparkman to guide you through your home loan process. He is a veteran who has Got Your 6.

Chuck Campbell

Marshall and his team were exceptionally specific, professional and kind during my entire process. They informed me of my required documents, responded quickly to all my questions and assistance requests, as well as prayed for me during the process. That means so much to me. I highly recommend this gentleman, his team and Franklin Synergy Bank for any needs.

Dee Sloan

Marshall was super helpful through the whole loan process. I was never lost in the process and was well informed till the end. The personalized informational videos of the loan process and next steps were very creative and a neat way to keep the client informed and feeling like they were the only one that mattered.

Kirkland Dunston