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Marshall Sparkman

Marshall Sparkman - CEO and Mortgage Broker

CEO & Mortgage Broker

My military service gave me a great amount of purpose and pride. I still serve my community one family at a time through my profession… and I do this with the same purpose, pride and enthusiasm as when I was in uniform.

Owning a home is the American Dream. When you work with someone to buy your home you are sharing much of your life story. That story undoubtedly includes some of your highs and lows, victories and struggles. Getting a home loan is a process that can leave you feeling vulnerable and sometimes even afraid. While I need the same information as anyone else I promise to always treat you and your family with the honor, dignity and respect you deserve.

So here is what I believe and why I do what I do:
First, I am a husband and father with an awesome wife and 3 little girls… and this over-protective Siamese cat. I know firsthand the stability, security, and safety that buying a home brings to the entire family.

A lot of people say I am old fashioned. I believe in the power of a handshake and face to face interaction.
I believe in the golden rule.
I believe that everyone has the right to become a homeowner and it is my job to help you navigate your personal challenges and help you make the best financial decision for the future of your family.

Am I the best at what I do? I certainly try. Every morning I wake up with that as my goal not only for the sake of you and your family… but also out of my privilege to serve our community and what my efforts mean for my wife and what it teaches our three little girls.

I’m Marshall Sparkman and I would be honored to serve you and your family as you pursue the American Dream.

Melisa Ingram

Melisa Ingram - Loan Experience Manager

Loan Experience Manager


Victoria King

Victoria King - Client Experience Director

Client Experience Director and Marketing